Apr 2012
by Twink Files
Twink Porn Review: Surfin’ Studs  

Surfin' StudsSurfin' Studs

Young bodies in various states of undress are one of the simplest yet most powerful pleasures that a trip to the beach can offer. Watching Surfin’ Studs isn’t quite as good as your own beach vacation view of the flesh parade, but unless you go to a nudist beach then it’s unlikely you’ve ever seen anything quite this hot. If you can’t escape for a weekend and ogle the “scenery,” then this movie is a good way to satisfy your craving from home. Besides, we’ll bet you’ve never seen anything as hot as these twink escapades on any of your real beach trips.

Helix Studios and Frat Boy have brought back many favorites from their usual roster of talent, and this movie marks the debut of versatile young Alexander Greene. You’ll be happy to make his acquaintance – not only is he endowed with sex appeal and a big dick, but he’s also willing and happy to fuck or be fucked anywhere and anytime!

Something about the warm sunlight and the crashing ocean waves brings out the sexual urges in these tasty young surfer boys. You’ll forget all about catching a wave and will instead be fixated on seeing these college boys catching a piece of ass. It’s a beach getaway to remember and far more fun than anyone can have with their clothes on.

Watch the full movie here.

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Apr 2012
by Twink Files
Twink Porn Review: Little Monsters  

Little Monsters box coverLittle Monsters box cover

They may be little in terms of body frame, but these twinks (who bear little resemblance to the Lady Gaga fan base phenomenon other than their name) have got sexual appetites of men twice their size.

Little Monsters from director Benny Morecock is just full to the brim with young gay bottom boys looking to get stuffed full of big dick, and their muscled companions seem only too willing to oblige throughout the five-scene, 83-minute ass-pounding extravaganza.

Twink fans will undoubtedly recognise hot shot new-cummer Seth Knight in the film. The inked cutie gets what’s coming to him in scene two. He rides cock so beautifully, and it’s easy to get distracted by his perfectly smooth body and cute little nipples while forgetting he’s getting slammed from underneath him.

The blond-on-blond outdoor team-up in scene three is another winner for Morecock, with a more jockish edge to the young guys that get it on in their one-on-one.

Fans of a kinky solo should be sure to stick around for the final chapter, which features some fantastic twink jerk-off and ass-play action, complete with a massive dildo.

Watch the full movie here.

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Feb 2012
by Twink Files
Twink Porn Review: Cum Fuckers  

Cum FuckersCum Fuckers

The cum-thirsty young fuckers of Boy Crush and Baretwinks.com are at it once more, bringing you the absolute hottest raw sex scenes you’re likely to see in the entire genre of twink porn this year.

First, 18-year-old Elijah White and 19-year-old Jacobey London, real-life boyfriends from Orlando, Florida, talk about how they met through their mutual former sugar daddy. The two adorable hotties are deeply into each other as they make out and suck each other’s cocks. Jacobey really wants Elijah’s condomless cock in his ass, and he rides it with passion. He cums while Elijah is simultaneously fucking and stroking him. After Jacobey cums, Elijah gives him a big facial!

If you’ve heard of the now legendary threeway between Chris Jett, Boy Crush exclusive Kyler Moss, and Ryan Sharp, you can see it right here in the final scene. There’s plenty of oral and anal daisy chain action, and you’ll see super-bottom Ryan take Chris’ and Kyler’s two throbbing cocks in his ass at the same time, complete with cream pies!

Cum Fuckers comes complete with more mind blowing scenes starring twink veterans such as Preston Andrews, Corey Jakobs, and Josh Bensan. All of these boys love nothing more than to lube up and fuck each other senseless. With more cream pies than a French bakery and more bareback fucking than you could hope for, this is must-see smut for any twink connoisseur!

Watch the full movie here.

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Jan 2012
by Twink Files
Twink Porn Review: Return of Victor Monster Cock  

Return of Victor Monster CockReturn of Victor Monster Cock
Hugely endowed with ten inches and rocking a smooth young body, Victor Monster Cock is aptly named. He has played with the Maverick Men before, and at the beginning of Return of Victor Monster Cock he tells the camera (webcam style) that he’s ready to play again.

As awesome as Training a Monster-Cock Top How to Bottom was, it’s no surprise that fans begged the Maverick Men for more Victor. If you liked that one, you’ll enjoy this one even more! For those who have never seen a MaverickMan22 Productions movie, you’re in for an amateur-style treat.

First there’s some club footage, then a quick clip of some taxi cab exhibitionism and a post-club fuck. The next day, silver daddy Cole and darker-haired Hunter enjoy some afternoon delight with Victor. They do their best to swallow his length and girth, but it’s not easy. Later they fuck Victor, who is normally a top as those who saw his previous video will remember. Of course, going around with a giant hole in the ass of his jeans and no underwear underneath says he’s become quite a versatile young man – his bottom training with Cole and Hunter must have done him good!

Hunter and Cole take Victor a few steps further into “natural” bottom territory with this flick, fucking his tight pink hole so well he moans, wiggles, and seems ready for a nap after the first go with Cole. They take a break and come back for more action, after which Victor and Cole take a shower together. The Maverick Men each cum three times in one afternoon full of intense sex (and Cole says that editing the video made him so horny that he needed to fuck Hunter twice). Before the day is over, Victor’s shirt is just as torn as his jeans.

Afterward, there’s a hot bonus scene of Hunter fucking Cole. The Maverick Men say on the box cover copy that if you don’t love this video, you might just be straight. We’d say chances are good that even some straight guys would be squirming in their seats over this one!

Watch the full movie here.

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Nov 2011
by Twink Files
Twink Porn Review: Slumber Party Boys  

Slumber Party BoysSlumber Party Boys

Innocent teenage games like Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare were always just good excuses to have a little fun with your crush. Of course, unless you were in a very accepting group or playing the game only with other boys, chances were you couldn’t kiss the guy you wanted or take a dare involving him in any sexual way. Well, there’s a hotter version of those old games being played in Slumber Party Boys from Helix Studios and 8TEENBOY.COM!

Dark-haired hottie Jack Diamond spins the empty soda bottle and it points at their host, blond surfer boy type Derrick Porter. Both of them are utterly delectable examples of prime fresh meat that you will really enjoy watching. Jack might be the instigator of all these shenanigans, but he likes to take the receiving role when it comes to sex. He loves the taste of Derrick’s dick in his mouth and he gets even more excited when it’s pounding his ass. This is how you put the party into slumber party.

Derrick spins the bottle and it lands on new kid Keine Sorgen. According to the rules, he has to give Keine head, but it’s clear he would’ve done that anyway. Then Derrick bends the Latino twink over and totally owns his tight hole. After a thorough hammering and a thick, creamy load from each of them, you just know Derrick is going to add Keine’s name to his permanent guest list for future sleepovers.

Afterward, Jack thinks they should play truth or dare. We quickly find out that Keine has fucked a hottie at school named Brycen Cox. We’re treated to a flashback of this passionate twosome. There’s a lot of hot kissing and fully clothed grinding before Keine goes down on Brycen’s big uncut cock. Brycen strips off Keine’s skinny jeans to suck him off in return. Now thoroughly horny, they fuck hard and deep in several angles – Keine is what you call a power bottom! His load covers his entire torso.

Chris Riverz is dared to go Seven Minutes in Heaven with Jack and provide photos to prove they did it. Nobody has to make these guys cooperate when it comes to fucking each other! They make out and get naked. Jack can hardly wait to get Chris’s huge cock in his mouth and then into his ass!

There’s plenty of photographic evidence – and it turns out even Skyler Bleu gets to see it. When Chris goes to visit Skyler the next day, Skyler has already seen the pictures and he wants in on some of the fun he had to miss at that slumber party. Skyler feeds his cock to Chris and vice versa. Demonstrating perfect knowledge of what guys like Chris want and how to give it to them, Skyler licks and fingers Chris’s little twink hole. Chris bends over to take whatever Skyler wants to give him after that! Grabbing those slender hips, Skyler pounds Chris in the ass as hard as he can until both of them unleash their cream.

With five cock-hardening scenes of kissing, sucking, and hardcore fucking, this is a night and morning after that these twinks won’t forget, and neither will you.

Watch the full movie here.

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Nov 2011
by Twink Files
Twink Porn Review: Czechs Breaking Russians  

Czechs Breaking RussiansCzechs Breaking Russians

William Higgins, one of the industry’s most revered directors, knows how to capture sexual energy between men. In Czechs Breaking Russians he transports us to a land that’s now more Iron Dick than Iron Curtain, full of guys who make us want to board the first plane for Eastern Europe.

Three sporty young guys go to an apartment, where one is already making a tent in his blue shorts. Another guy makes a move, fondling the boner and kissing him while the third watches with interest. Soon all three uncut cocks are exposed and the guy in the blue shorts is blowing his new friends one after the other. There’s a smoldering sequence when two guys are kissing on top of each other while the other one rims and fingers their bare asses one by one! This leads to an anal daisy chain and a spitroast that will have you barely holding in your load.

Next is a good-looking duo wearing blue jeans in bed. There’s an older/younger vibe, a five-year age difference at most. They trade blowjobs and 69. After the top warms up the twink with rimming and fingering, those young, long legs spread for a hot fuck in at least three positions, ending in a hot reverse piledriver. The older top cums all over the twink’s chest and the twink quickly adds to the mess.

Scene three features two guys who get turned on looking at porn DVD boxes and start blowing each other. There’s good energy and some sexy, tongue-tickling kisses. The guy with dark hair grows increasingly excited as his bald-headed friend blows him and then fucks him. After the bald one cums on the bottom’s ball sac, he slips his cock back in for more! Obviously he wasn’t done cumming because he shoots an even bigger load into his dark-haired friend’s mouth, followed by the dark-haired guy jerking off onto the bald guy’s face.

Next are two jocks having some cock-sucking, rimming, anal fun! They’re both cute with absolutely luscious oral prowess – which is clear when one of them cums hard and unexpectedly during a post-anal cock sucking session! With faces coated in cream, they end by swapping cum in a messy, mesmerizing kiss.

Higgins saves the best for last. A repairman, played by a dead ringer for the young Sean Bean, needs to fix a boiler but it’s so hot in there that he strips off his flannel shirt. The Czech boiler room employee, an Eric Szmanda lookalike who’s shirtless under his overalls, can’t help drooling over the Russian repairman’s finely honed body. Soon they’re fondling each other’s chests and before you know it knobs are being slobbed. There’s a great moment when their cocks rub together as they kiss. The room was hot before, but these guys set it on fire as the Czech fucks the Russian there on the boiler room floor. They jerk themselves off, putting the frosting on this tasty five-scene cake from William Higgins.

Watch the full movie here.

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Nov 2011
by The TwinkFiler
Twink Porn Review: Buttfucking BMX Boys  

Euro Twinks, we’ve long known they’re pretty much the kinkiest of the bunch, so what better pool of talent to call upon for a film that puts our smooth boys in locations where they’re capable of being caught in action.

Buttfucking BMX Boys puts outdoor fucking in the spotlight, with these lycra clad young fuckers getting their kit off and riding each other rather than their high-powered cycles.

They’re uninhibited, they’ve got large dicks and there’s even some spit roasting and dildo action that these skinny twinks put into their hard workouts.

Scene two’s outdoor display is one of the finest. The ripped beauties fuck in all sorts of hot positions, but the side-saddle plowing on the grass has to be up there as one of my favorites in the film.

Likewise, the concluding scene is one not to be missed. While it’s set inside, what it lacks in locale it more than makes up for in kinky twink action.

There’s bike gear sniffing, an incredible fuck train sequence between the horny trio of twinks and a cum facial that’ll have you licking your own lips in lust.

Watch the whole movie here.

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Nov 2011
by The TwinkFiler
Twink Porn Review: Raw 2  

It may not have as many sequels as the horror movie it’s spoofing, but there was obviously plenty of interest in Boy Crush’s first attempt at a Raw that it deserved a revisit.

The first fetish-filled feature saw twinks caught in sexually-geared traps somewhat like the premise of the film, Saw. The added extra to all this was that the ensuing action was, of course, bareback – thus the name.

Miles Pride reprises his role from the first film in this sequel and it seems he’s about to be subjected to the same sort of horrible (or incredibly kinky however you like to take it) kind of entrapment as his first scream queen starring role.

The idea is that a mysterious, fetish-driven masked man communicates through a video screen and makes the boys play his filthy game. They have to fulfill all of his – and most likely some of your – dark sexual desires if they want their freedom.

BoyCrush – which is known for its more vanilla twink fair – is definitely back in the dirty with Raw 2. Kyler Moss in particular shows that he’d be right at home in any kind of extreme kink feature.

From bondage to cock and ball torture, it’s everything you’ve wanted to see a twink endure but have been too afraid to ask. The threeway in scene three with its hot spanking action is particularly too good to miss.

Watch the full movie here.

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Oct 2011
by The TwinkFiler
Twink Porn Review: Dads Fuck Lads 4  

It really is the decade of the DILF. Intergenerational porn is becoming far more of a norm these days with mainstream studios incorporating older/younger geared couples into their films to spice things up.

Then there’s the likes of Freshsx who make entire films concentrating on the dynamic between young men being dominated by their mature counterparts in their popular Dads Fuck Lads  series.

In this their fourth such outing, four more cute young twinks get used by four older muscle guys old enough to be their dads. And they’ve lined up quite a few star daddies too – bald beauty Aitor Crash for instance.

Each scene follows a familiar set-up, but it’s the selection of these young beauties and their masculine tops which really deserves applause. Whether it be a hot hairy bear plowing his young twink (as in scene one) or tattooed muscle throat-fucking and ass pounding (as in scene three), director Andy O’Neill‘s casting is spot on.

If you wanted a feature that fully encapsulates the power dynamic that makes intergenerational play so god-damned hot, you can’t go past this fantastic older/younger title. It’s a taboo executed perfectly throughout.

Watch the full movie here.

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Oct 2011
by The TwinkFiler
Twink Porn Review: Dustin Revees’ Gang bang  

Helix Studios – the guys behind hot titles such as Fratboy Blondes, Skater Punks, and the Big Bro Lil Bro series – have stepped it up a notch with this bareback release.

For those who like their twinks dirty, this gangbang title is sure to convince you those innocent looks are merely a facade for some raw cock-hungry boys.

The man in the movie’s title, Dustin Revees, is perfect for the studio’s filthy new direction. The 18-year-old American beauty  is a young, smooth, twink and hardcore bottom. He can take it long and hard, and deep and fast, or slow and steady – but no matter how he gets it, rest assured that he’ll want over and over again.

The film also features some nasty new bareback boys from Helix like including Josh Bensan, bad boy Ace Lockheart and hung hotties Wade Christianson and Adam Jacobs.

Secure in a sling, the guys tag-team this young, smooth pig bottom until cream flows in and around Revees’ holes.

His ass looks stunning as creaming after creaming comes at it in the uninhibited twink gangbang, with all four twinks taking little to no mercy on that hairless hole.

Here’s a film for those that don’t like their performers to hold back even though they’re young and innocent looking. Definitely a dirty work of twink art.

Watch the full movie here.

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